Meet the Staff


Colonel Echols

Landshark Scuba & Snorkel Center Owner & IDC Staff Instructor

I live life in moderate extremes (how's that for a commitment to a stereotype?). My life has been about, and continues to be about, collecting remarkable memories, visiting great places with GREAT friends, finding humor in as much of the day-to-day “stuff” as is humanly possible and then laughing until it hurts (or maybe so that it doesn't). As a Scuba instructor, I share my passion for diving in an almost selfish manner, I know that diving can truly change lives and I do so enjoy seeing first hand that by sharing my passion, I have the potential of changing lives!! That feeling is absolutely ego stroking, euphoric and oh so addictive! I truly am very happy and enjoy life. Even though we have a lot of fun here at Landshark Scuba, we never let it over-shadow SAFETY! We teach scuba diving on a very low key, no pressure basis, we want EVERYONE to learn and enjoy it for a lifetime to come. So let's step out, learn to scuba dive, take a trip, become friends and share the adventure!

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Sandra Omodt

PADI Open Water Instructor

Growing up in Pierre, I have had a lifelong love of being in and around the water.   So from the first moments learning to SCUBA at my DSD, I fell hard for diving.  That was really just a short time ago in July of 2011 but I feel such a connection to diving and to the other divers, that it feels like it’s been a part of me forever.  I had my first open water dive at Pickstown, SD where the visibility was about 2 feet.  Six months later I was in Cozumel where the water is endlessly clear and much warmer too!  That was simply amazing.  Since then I have dove in Fiji, Hawaii, back in Cozumel and many local places.  Naturally, the sea life and coral in those exotic locations are things you will never experience here but I have to admit that I enjoy spearfishing in the river.  

My journey from beginning diver to instructor was a relatively short one and I was very fortunate to have the support and training from some of the best divers in the area.  Being a part of this community has made me realize how many different aspects there are to diving and has allowed me to meet and make some wonderful friends.  Except for health reasons, I can’t imagine why someone would not want to dive – especially if they like to travel to warmer climates during the winter.  Diving really does open up a whole new, astonishing world. 

Sioux Falls Scuba Course


Scuba Instructor

What attracts me to scuba diving is the adventure.  I've been known to say, “After a week those beautiful coral reefs in the warm water are kind of boring!”  I love to explore wrecks, caverns, and other interesting formations.  There is nothing better than to share these adventures with fellow friends and divers.  I’m always looking for a chance to explore a new dive location anywhere in the Country or the World.  I look forward to meeting new people to share exciting adventures. I have been diving for years and visited LOTS of locations from the  warm coastal waters of Florida, through to the cold clear waters of the Great Lakes, to the demanding waters of the West coast! The Caribbean, Bahamas and the Gulf of Mexico have all got some great diving destinations that I look forward to returning to and exploring new ones!  I look forward to diving Australia's Great Barrier Reef, the Pacific Rim, Coasts of Africa and the exotic waters of Indonesia. In fact, if you are looking to explore the waters of our backyard here in South Dakota or the Wild Waters of the World, then just mention it to me and we can start planning our next adventure! 

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Roger Prill

Open Water Scuba Instructor

Roger was originally certified to dive at Landshark in 2006.  He jumped right in and started diving with his first trip to Cozumel in November 2006 and has been hanging around the dive shop ever since.  He has taken several specialties and in addition to Rescue Diver and Master Scuba Diver.  In 2008 he achieved his Divemaster certification and was often found in the pool teaching a Discovery Class.  In 2012, he attended the first Landshark IDC and is now certified as an Open Water Scuba Instructor.  He also teaches the Enriched Air, Underwater Navigator, Peak Performance Buoyancy and Digital Underwater Photography specialty courses.  He also teaches the EFR Courses.  

Roger enjoys the summer Landshark dive trips.  He has taken the lead on starting the dive trips to the Cuyuna  Mines in Brainerd, Minnesota.  He is behind the scenes for the weekend at Benny’s making sure everyone has a good time.  Rumor has it, he makes a mean s'more.  He has said the Landshark trips to Cozumel, are not to be missed.  With a week of concentrated diving, you can’t help but be a better diver when you come home. 

When he is not diving, you will find him in his Chiropractic Clinic in Mitchell, SD.